Hydraulic Motor – INM05 Series

Product Description:

Hydraulic Motor – INM05 Series are constantly advanced based on Italian technology, starting from our previously joint-venture with an Italian company.  Through years upgrading, the strength of casing and the load capacity of internal dynamic capacity of the INM motor have been increased dramatically.  Their outstanding performance of large continuous power rating highly satisfies a wide range of working conditions. 


  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Hydraulic motor INM series  is one type of radial piston motor.  It has been widely applied in various kinds of applications, including not limiting plastic injection machine, ship and deck machinery, construction equipment, hoist and transport vehicle, heavy metallurgical machinery, petroleum and mining machinery. Most of tailor-made winches, hydraulic transmission & slewing devices we design and manufacture are built by using this type motors.

    Mechanical Configuration:

    Distributor, output shaft (including involute spline shaft, fat key shaft, taper fat key shaft, internal spline shaft, involute internal spline shaft), tachometer.

    Motor INM05

    Motor INM05 Shaft

    INM 05 Series Hydraulic Motors’ Technical Parameters:

    TYPE (ml/r) (MPa) (MPa) (N·m) (N·m/MPa) (r/min) (kg)
    INM05-60 59 25 45 235 9.4 1~700 1000 22
    INM05-75 74 25 42.5 295 11.8 1~700 1000
    INM05-90 86 25 37.5 343 13.7 1~700 1000
    INM05-110 115 25 40 458 18.3 1~650 900
    INM05-130 129 25 37.5 513 20.5 1~650 900
    INM05-150 151 25 32.5 600 24 1~650 800
    INM05-170 166 25 32.5 660 26.4 1~600 600

    We have a full rage of INM Series motors for your reference, from INM05 to INM7.  More information can be seen in the Pump and Motor data sheets from Download page.