INI Hydraulic founded in 1996, is located in Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone in China.  The company has 500 employees and is equipped with hundreds millions value of production facilities.  We possess 48 national invention patents and a hundred more other patents.  Designing and manufacturing precise hydraulic products to meet customers’ needs is always our goal since we have started.

We have a team whose expertise is hydraulic mechanical engineering.  Our talents cover from undergraduates, masters to Ph.Ds, led by a senior engineer who is awarded by State Council of China for his hydraulic mechanical expertise.  Our R&D unit was entitled as Static and Hydraulic Drive Provincial High-tech Research and Development Center by Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Agency in China, in 2009.  Furthermore, every year we cooperate with German Hydraulic Mechanical Experts Group, training our team to strengthen our globally engineering project capability.  The most important recipe of our success we have achieved, is synthesizing our talents and production capability to realize our customers’ utmost benefits.  Perfecting our designing and manufacturing capabilities continuously based on self-developed technologies enables us always to bring innovative and best quality hydraulic products in contemporary market.

We are proud of being one of the contributors to the Industry and National Standard for hydraulic and mechanics industry in China.  We played the major role of drafting National Standard JB/T8728-2010 “Low-speed High-torque Hydraulic Motor”.  Additional, we participated in drafting National Standard of GB/T 32798-2016 XP Type Planetary Gear Reducer, JB/T 12230-2015 HP Type Planetary Gear Reducer, and JB/T 12231-2015 JP Type Planetary Gear Reducer.  Moreover, we participated in drafting six Nation Industry Association Standards, including GXB/WJ 0034-2015 Hydraulic Excavator Slewing Device Durability Testing Methods And Defect Classification & Assessment, GXB/WJ 0035-2015 Hydraulic Excavator Key Hydraulic Components Assembly Reliability Testing Methods  And Defect Classification & Assessment.  Recently, Zhejiang Made Certificate Standard about Integrated Hydraulic Winch, T/ZZB2064-2021, which is mainly drafted by our company, has been published and put into execution since March 1, 2021.

Integrating our passions, our talents and precise manufacturing and measuring facilities, we want to help you succeed and support you to extend your operation,  no matter in river, ocean, plain, mountain, desert or ice sheet.

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