The Result of INI Hydraulic’s 2021 Lottery Activity

According to the lottery policy that the company established before 2021 Chinese Spring Festival Holiday, more than 1,000 lottery tickets have been given out to our staff on February 21, 2021.  The variety of lottery rewards includes car, smart phone, electricity rice-cooker, etc.  During the holiday, a majority of our employees chose to work instead of relaxing at home.  As a result, the maximum number of lottery tickets which several people obtained was up to six.  Here, we congratulate Mr. Limao Jin who has obtained the Special Prize, a TOYOTA Vios car, and who has also been working diligently in our workshop for more than 10 years.  People who didn’t gain any reward were awarded with grocery gifts cards each of which values RMB400.  Besides the successful implementation of the lottery policy, the company awarded kick-off red packages which value varying from RMB1,500 to RMB2,500 to the employees who have come back from the holiday to their working positions on time. 

The result of the lottery activity reveals that the ones work harder earn more good lucks, said Ms. Chen Qin, who is the general manager of INI Hydraulic company.  Following such a happy and rewarding start, we will embrace ups and downs at future moment, and never forget our commitment to the company’s mission of creating and manufacturing the most cost-effective and worthwhile products to our customers, and of empowering our talents and hard working to the global construction machinery industry.  Bless you, bless us.

special prizeMr. Limao Jin obtained Special Prize – a TOYOTA Vios car

line up for ticketsstaffs lining up for getting lottery tickets

lottery tickets lottery tickets and grocery gifts cards