OEM Supply Widely Used Drum Winch

Product Description:

Winch – IYJ-L Free Fall Series is widely applied in pipe laying machines, crawler cranes, vehicle cranes, grab bucket cranes and crushers.  The winch features compact structure, durability and cost-efficiency.  Its reliable function is achieved by adopting advancing hydraulic clutch system, which we have been innovating continuously over two decades.  We have compiled selections of various pulling winches for diverse engineering applications.  Please visit the Download page to acquire data sheets for your interests.  

We have been supplying high-quality hydraulic winches, electric winches and widely used drum winches over two decades.  The quality and reliability of our winches have been proven strongly by numerous successful cases, as well as  large-quantity of OEM winches order from dealers around the world.  With the continuing improvement of production and measurement, our skillset of producing winches becomes perfectly mature.  In order to ensure the protection of customers’ benefits, we have a comprehensive customer service coverage, covering the guidance of maintenance and flexible after-sales service options for worldwide customers.  Beside our domestic market, China, we largely have been exporting various kinds of winch to foreign countries, including Singapore, India, Vietnam, the U.S., Australia, the Netherlands, Iran and Russia.  

Mechanical configuration:  This series pulling winch has extraordinary braking system, which empowers it competent to various extreme working conditions.  It can get two speed control if integrated with hydraulic motor, which possesses variable displacement and two speed.  When combined with hydraulic axial piston motor, the working pressure and drive power of the winch can be greatly improved.  It consists of planetary gearbox, hydraulic motor, wet type brake, various valve blocks, drum, frame and hydraulic clutch.   Customized modifications for your best interests are available at any moment.

winch of free fall function configuration


The Pulling Winch Main Parameters:

Winch Model


Number of Rope Layers


Pull on 1st Layer(KN)


Drum Capacity(m)


Speed on 1st Layer(m/min)


Motor Model


Total Displacement(mL/r)


Gearbox Model


Working Pressure Diff.(MPa)


Brake Opening Pressure(MPa)


Oil Flow Supply(L/min)


Clutch Opening Pressure(MPa)


Rope Diameter(mm)


Min. Weight for Free Fall(kg)



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