Compact Winch

Product Description:

Hydraulic Winch -IYJ-N Compact Series are widely used in mobile cranes, vehicle cranes, aerial platforms and track vehicles.  They’re well built based on our patented technologies.  The winches feature compact structure and elegant appearance.  They perform with high-efficiency, large-power and low-noise.  The winches demand simple hydraulic supporting systems.  Discover their potentials in your projects.  We have compiled the data sheet of various compact winches for your reference, you are welcome to save it.

  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Compact winches IYJ-N series are built for critical space working applications.  This type of winch designs require simple hydraulic supporting system, and easy tube connection.  They are integrated with the same reliable releasing and braking system which we design for rescue winches.  Plus, they are a superior anti-contamination type among all winches.  They are widely used in mobile cranes, vehicle cranes, aerial platforms and track vehicles.  IYJ series hydraulic winches have been well used in Chinese companies such as SANY and ZOOMLION, and also have been exported to the USA, Japan, Australia, Russia, Austria, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Korea and other areas in the world. 

    Mechanical Configuration:  The hydraulic winch consists of axial piston hydraulic motor, valve block, Z type hydraulic multi-disc brake, C type or KC type planetary gearbox, clutch ,drum, support shaft and frame.  Customized modifications for your best interests are available at any moment.

    concealed hydraulic winch


    Main Parameters of this 32 KN Pull Compact Winch:

    Rated Pull at the 1st Layer(KN) 32
    The Speed of the 1st Layer of Cable Wire(m/min) 9.5
    Diameter of Cable Wire (mm) 40
    Cable Layers in Toal 4
    Cable Capacity of Drum (m) 260
    Hydraulic Motor Type A2FE160/6.1 WVZL 10
    Oil Flow of Pump (L/min) 157