Constant Tension Winch – 35KN

Product Description:

Constant Tension Winches are widely used in marine machinery projects.  To buffer or compensate the drag force from water, we design this specific type of electric constant tension winch.  In scientific research, precise performance of instruments is demanding.  The winch performs extraordinarily reliable under dramatically changing conditions on the ocean.


  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Electric Winch – IDJ Series are widely applied in ship and deck machinery, construction machinery and dredging solutions.  They feature compact structure, durability, high-reliability under extreme working circumstances.  We have compiled the data sheet of various electric winches for your reference.  You are welcome to save it for your reference. 

    Mechanical Configuration: This electric constant tension winch consists of electric motor with brake, planetary gearbox, drum and Frame.  Customized modifications for your best interests are available at any moment.

    electric winch4 The Constant Tension Winch‘s Main Parameters:

    Rated Pull at the 1st Layer(KN)


    The Speed of the 1st Layer of Cable Wire(m/min)


    Diameter of Cable Wire (mm)


    Cable Layers in Toal


    Cable Capacity of Drum (m)


    Electric Motor Model

    3BWAG 280S/M-04E-TF-SH-BR

    Rated Output Power of the Motor(KW)


    Max Input Speed of the Motor(r/min)


    Planetary Gearbox Model


    Ration of the Planetary Gearbox